My #1 sex goal

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On a random night of winter quarantine, Flo and I decided to take a bath together.

Things got steamy …and emotional.

What happened next made me realize why sex is so important. How it can expose the deepest parts of ourselves. How through sex we can heal.

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The Power of Masturbating on Display

I’m going to the US for the vaccine

Everyone over 30 in New York is eligible for the vaccine so I’m heading back in June to get me one of them. (Def the most excited I’ve been about being over 30)

It was my mom’s idea and she made the appointment for me, so I have to give it to her. 👏🏼 (I swear, I’m over 30!)

I’m pretty excited to just go back there as well as things are much more normal there than in Berlin where we have the hardest lockdown we’ve had so far. There is no vaccine for people my age anywhere on the horizon.

If everything goes well I will be fully vaccinated when I’m back and so will Flo, who's already gotten his first since he’s employed through a hospital.

Fingers crossed. Let’s all keep doing our best.



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