I lost my virginity at 17... I think?

And more on Jungfräulichkeit,

When German’s talk about losing their virginity, they say: When did you have your “erstes mal” or your first time? Cute, right?

It might have something to do with the fact that the German word for virginity is Jungfräulichkeit, which translates literally to something like “young-womanly-hood". (And yes, you would even use that word to describe a man’s virginity.)

So in avoidance of such a silly word, I totally understand the more juvenile “my first time.”

Virginity is BS

But looking back now, even saying, “my first time” or talking about “virginity” is kind of bullshit.

I say I lost my virginity at 17 the summer before college.

But in reality, I had oral sex before that. I even played “just the tip” with my first real boyfriend when I was 15 and, at the time, I had no idea that someone would refer to that as sex. Anyway, the “just the tip” game was way sexier than the “real sex” at 17.

Here’s more about “my first time”, and why it’s in our best interest (especially those of us with vaginas) to stop paying so much attention to “real sex” in general.

The Truth About PIV Sex

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