How do you tell the person you love you're into someone else?

A scheduled email

I’m currently doing a digital detox. One week. No work, no facebook, no whatsapp, no texts. Okay, maybe some Netflix. But otherwise, no internet.

So how are you getting this email? Well, I scheduled it last Thursday.

I feel a little burned out.

Since I started this whole thing (trying to make it as a blogger/”solopreneur”) almost exactly a year ago, I haven’t taken a full week off.

To be honest, I felt like I haven’t deserved it. I’m making progress but I’m not where I hoped to be at this time, and so I’ve always been feeling like I need to do more more more.

But maybe that’s exactly what’s setting me back. You can’t fix stress by giving yourself more to do and putting more pressure on yourself.

So here I am relaxing (but I still didn’t want to miss this email!)

First thing, if you haven’t taken the survey I sent out last Friday, please do it now. (It takes five minutes, I promise!)

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Second thing, how do you tell someone you love that you like someone else? This was tricky for me when it first came up with Ludo and Flo, and I didn’t get it totally right the first time. Here I explore that in detail:

How Do I Tell My Partner I’ve Got a Thing for Someone Else?
Finding the balance between honesty and empathy in an open relationship

There’s an Orgasm Gap, but It’s Not Your Job To Fill It
Your orgasm is not a matter of politics

I’ll catch you all next week! <3