He said he didn’t like my taste 🙀

And it was as horrifying as it sounds

The topic of taste, specifically the taste of the vagina has come up a few times in my discussions of sex with friends or in comments from readers.

What do you do if she doesn’t taste or smell good down there?

It’s a touchy subject, to say the least. Having been in this situation before, I can tell you it’s horrifying from the vagina-owner’s perspective.

But if the topic must be addressed, it must be addressed.

People can’t control what they like or dislike. For example, some people hate the taste of coriander.

It doesn’t mean coriander is disgusting.

It just might mean the coriander will taste better after a shower.

Or it just needs a little time to get riper.

Or in some cases, it has an infection.

Here’s how it felt when this happened to me and a little advice for anyone on either side of the equation.

When the taste isn't quite right

Other exciting news: Flo and I may have a date with another couple tomorrow night. Now that the weather is finally warm in Berlin, cases are plummeting, we are ready to get frisky.

These days, he and I are more into the idea of exploring together sexually with other humans, than we are actually dating other people.

But as I’ve heard: swinging is a gateway drug to polyamory. So you start out saying you’re just going to have sex with other people but then you end up getting feelings and that’s when boom! you become some sort of polyamorous.

Regardless of where this leads (if anywhere), I’m excited!

P.S. Just moved to a new place and got a new haircut. Feel’s like summer and new beginnings <3



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