Flo's going on another date

And more on our rendezvous with the couple

So Flo is going on another date tomorrow night.

I have to admit — it kind of caught me off guard. I had been under the impression that Kathryn and he were not seeing each other anymore. But apparently, she was just away this whole time.

I started to tear up when he told me they were going on out again. He immediately got sad too (as lovers do—mirror neurons are a thing).

He argued that he didn’t want to cause me pain. That maybe this isn’t worth it.

But I don’t think that’s a good argument

Pain shmain

If we stopped doing everything that was painful, we wouldn’t have much good in the world. Not to mention, the human race would go extinct because no child would ever be born.

Here’s more about what happened and what I mean:

How I felt about his date

What about our quadruple date you ask?

We went out with a couple last week. We met by the canal and watched the sunset and then just stayed there until after 11 just talking.

As it got later, I suggested we have a big group hug where we all sort of massaged each other’s shoulders and arms and legs with our eyes closed for a while.

I enjoyed myself.

That said, I’m not sure we’re going to see them again.

I wasn’t wildly attracted to him (or her) and Flo wasn’t either.

If Flo were, I would have been open to meeting for something more intimate. But it seems like from all sides it’s just not something we feel super motivated about 

Overall it was a good time though and I’m excited for the next one...



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