Do you need to "return the favor"?

An answer to the oral sex question

I was in Ha Long Bay on a boat trip with a bunch of other backpackers. That’s when I met the hot Dutch guy with two of his hot Dutch friends. 

We started to flirt and then ended up on the top deck of the ship together.

At that time, age 25, I’d only received oral sex a handful of times, so when he started to go down on me, I was pretty surprised. 

It was cool, but the problem was afterward, I felt sort of indebted. 

To Return the Favor or Not To

I’m impressed by you

I’ve video chatted with about 15 of you guys so far and it’s been mindblowing. First off, the people on the list are all over the place, I talked to people ifrom Texas to California to Amsterdam to Australia.

And I’ve learned so much from these calls about what kind of topics you are struggling with, which were often things I’ve also struggled with in some way.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how intelligent and thoughtful you guys are.

I know it may seem like I’m complimenting you, but actually, I’m complimenting myself too because if you awesome people find value in what I’m writing, that’s just really fucking cool.

So thank you again.

A War on Medium

I’m really annoyed with Medium’s distribution decisions lately. I believe they are being sex-negative. And I’m trying to wage a little war. So please have a read on this article, if you have time, and share if you agree with it.

Medium Needs To Start Taking Its Sex Writers More Seriously
This topic storms emotions and starts wars

HIYAH! Karate chop.

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