Are you taking the low road to orgasm?

If you need to ask, you probably have your answer

Does sex ever feel like work?

Like there’s a job to do?

Despite my best efforts, the answer for me is sometimes yes.

I’m enjoying myself and then I think, “alright time to get this over with.” How do I come in some reasonable amount of time? And as soon as I ask that question, I know I have entered what sex therapist Stephen Snyder calls:

The low road to the o

Sex parties?

Flo and I had a (very beginner) swinger experience the other day.

We were at a friends place and two women started kissing next to him and then coaxed him to into getting involved. I was watching just on the other side of the room when it all went down.

I’ll write more about that next week.

It was all very exciting and emotional in some ways too. I’m looking forward to more experiences like this now that it’s becoming safer to have people together again!

In other news, after a week of going hard on apartment-share sites, I found an apartment with two German women! I know them through Flo although we’ve only hung out a few times so far. They are sort of hippyish like me and seem cool.

It’s going to be great and my German is going to be sick.

❤️ until next week 

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